«pastel shades» by Hillsrain 

Another edit of a watchface I posted previously https://amazfitwatchfaces.com/bip/view/25435 Its getting a bit busy so time to move on I think Source: «pastel shades» by Hillsrain | Amazfit WatchFaces catalog

«Emerald-V1.2-kasyack» by ionut02  

A slightly modified watch face – credit goes to kasyack for this wonderful watchface original here: https://amazfitwatchfaces.com/bip/view/12766 I have removed status icons for Bluetooth, alarm and DND and replaced them with heart rate info and a dynamic heart icon – it uses the seconds display with 2 type of variations.[…]

«Digital cyan orange lunamoth» by bulfinch 

1. 시침, 분침 추가 2. 12시간제 변경 3. 최고/최저 > 최저/최고로 변경 4. 디지털 숫자 노란색으로 변경 5. 토/일 색상 변경 6. 날짜 일 > 월/일로 변경 Source: «Digital cyan orange lunamoth» by bulfinch | Amazfit WatchFaces catalog

Xiaomi has released a smart watch – micetimes.asia

Amazfit Health Watch is equipped with chipset Huangshan No.1. The company together with Xiaomi Huami has introduced a new smart watch called Amazfit Health Watch. The product is aimed at the health of the user. This writes the Chronicle.info with reference to 24tv.ua. Amazfit Health Watch is equipped with chipset[…]

«level-h» by netoper  

if you like my work, you can support my future projects at https://www.paypal.me/marcelsasik thank you! Source: «level-h» by netoper | Amazfit WatchFaces catalog