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[Stratos/Pace][v3.2] AmazBoost™ Speed up your Watch!

Features of AmazBoost™
– Battery tweaks to improve SmartWatch battery life!
– Kernel Tweaks to improve kernel performance
– RAM tweaks for smarter RAM management
– Scrolling tweaks for smoother scrolling
– EXT4 tweaks for better filesystem perfomance
– Entropy tweaks for a SUPER smooth and fast experience
– IO Tweaks for improved EMMC perfomance
– Dalvik VM Tweaks for better system performance
– Clean smartwatch junk at every boot
– Misc performance tweaks for overall better watch navigation
– Faster screen raise to wake up
– Disabled logcat to improve battery life

Source: [MOD] [Stratos/Pace][v3.2] AmazBoost™ Speed up your Watch!


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