January 26, 2021

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Xiaomi Amazfit: How to Install PACEfied and have a completely in english fully updated watch

This tutorial shows you how to install PACEfied on your chinese Amazfit watch and enjoy up to date features, full translation to english, choosing between


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Hands On: Amazfit Pace GPS running watch

The reviewer must start this review with some disclosure: the reviewer is a watch fan. Automatics, hand-wind, SuperQuartz, however they are driven, traditional watches are where it is at for this hack. Smart watches are all very well, but they lack the sheer presence of something that is used on the cockpit, at the racetrack […]

A1612 AMAZFIT PACE Internal Photos / Teardown by the FCC

  AMAZFIT PACE Internal photos details for FCC ID 2AC8UA1612 made by Anhui Huami Information Technology Co.,Ltd.   The chip shown above is the DDR3L SDRAM DIMMs memory chip. It’s from SK Hynix and is the HMT451S6BFR8A. https://www.skhynix.com/products.view.do?vseq=963&cseq=75   This photo shows the 280mAh battery.   Source: A1612 AMAZFIT PACE Internal Photos A1612_Internal Photos Anhui […]

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