«cleanEN-[edit]» by TXK 

Adapt to New weather icons Original: https://amazfitwatchfaces.com/cor/view/561 Source: «cleanEN-[edit]» by TXK | Amazfit WatchFaces catalog

«Emerald-V1.2-kasyack» by ionut02  

A slightly modified watch face – credit goes to kasyack for this wonderful watchface original here: https://amazfitwatchfaces.com/bip/view/12766 I have removed status icons for Bluetooth, alarm and DND and replaced them with heart rate info and a dynamic heart icon – it uses the seconds display with 2 type of variations.[…]

«Digital cyan orange lunamoth» by bulfinch 

1. 시침, 분침 추가 2. 12시간제 변경 3. 최고/최저 > 최저/최고로 변경 4. 디지털 숫자 노란색으로 변경 5. 토/일 색상 변경 6. 날짜 일 > 월/일로 변경 Source: «Digital cyan orange lunamoth» by bulfinch | Amazfit WatchFaces catalog

«GrayMod revisited» by romdie 

This is an alternative gray version of LostEchoes “GrayMod” watchface, with pulse and calories . Source: «GrayMod revisited» by romdie | Amazfit WatchFaces catalog