Simple SW – Amazfit Bip Watch faces

Fork of “Simple SW with Hide Lockscreen (CZ-DE-ENG-ESP-FR-HU-ITA-SK-PT-NL) Version v2.0 in 24h / 12h” With the lockscreen option removed. Source: Simple SW – Amazfit Bip Watch faces

A New Fit Watch- Bip by Huami

Many individuals on the market assume that the Apple Watch is the one smartwatch value contemplating, and it’s true that Android watches go away a lot to be desired. There’s a whole world on the ma… Source: A New Fit Watch- Bip by Huami

Minimal Analog 3.5 HIDE – Amazfit Bip Watch faces

Simple analog watchface with hidden indicators (battery, date, distance, steps, heart rate). Bluetooth OFF: Number “12” becomes red. With steps: 5c095cf6a492f_06122018.bin With current temperature: 5c0a8d7bec3db_07122018.bin CHANGELOG: Version 3.1 (10.27): Changed the style of hands. Changed the color of scale to red. Version 3.2 (10.28): Changed Bluetooth ON icon to red[…]

Pebble Sliding Text HIDE V3.6 – Amazfit Bip Watch faces

Inspired by the original Pebble watchface. This version uses the overlapping images trick by Takada H. It is a little bit less clear than normal digits, but now every numerals for hours are in the same row. With the placeholder zeros for minutes “01” to “09” – MMDD: 5bddc5ebb7cb3_03112018.bin Without[…]

Best cheap smartwatch: great budget devices for your wrist 

Smartwatches have developed into great gadget companions for your wrist. Despite their compact size, today’s smartwatches couple date and time displays with various notifications, fitness uses and additional apps – so it’s no wonder some might think you can’t get a good smartwatch without spending lots on it. Source: Best[…]