«level-h» by netoper  

if you like my work, you can support my future projects at https://www.paypal.me/marcelsasik thank you! Source: «level-h» by netoper | Amazfit WatchFaces catalog

Amazing time with Amazfit

Award-winning smartwatch and fitness band brand Amazfit held a launch last March 27 at Le Petit Souffle, Century City Mall which showcased the brand’s features, style, and value. The event was hosted by sports reporter and DJ Carla Lizardo and gathered industry writers, editors, and influencers for one enjoyable afternoon.[…]

«Vakarian 12HR» by patrickcentral  

True 12 HR, with words as months. Configured to a simple layout of time/battery/steps/cals, as weather/heartrate and detailed battery are just a swipe away. Many thanks to SIR for the 12h trick Many thanks to BuxtonTheRed for the months-as-words trick If you’d like color changes or data swaps for the[…]

«Saleand Color V1.1 EN» by saleand  

Saleand Black V1.1 EN 24H Date,Week Day,Current weather,current temp,todays temp min max, steps, calories, distance, pulse, alarm, bluetooth, do not disturb, lock, battery text, battery icon Source: «Saleand Color V1.1 EN» by saleand | Amazfit WatchFaces catalog

«DIGITAL FACE» by echo 

ORIGINAL : https://amazfitwatchfaces.com/bip/view/16380 2019.03.20 Rev.001 TEMP IND 2019.03.20 Rev.002 DAY.MONTH FONT 2019.03.21 Rev.003 DAY,MONTH FONT 2019.03.22 Rev.004 ALL FONT 2019.03.25 Rev.005 STEPS GOAL ICON 2019.03.25 Rev.006 WEEKDAY FONT Source: «DIGITAL FACE» by echo | Amazfit WatchFaces catalog